JOEY B ft. MUTOMBO DA POET – 89 lyrics

 It’s the god of waves, ma me sima make I launch the way
 How do you even proceed without informing the king
 Bonchaka, Rap Docter, all in me
 See the swaga, Lady Gaga born this way
 You can’t, gyae na wo hwe hw3 me dea wo hwe hw3 pin
 Gyae na kill me style wey I dey soak the scene
 All mighty, num swaggy, only me
 Joy Daddi, all vibely, Joey Beezy hmm
 Make I shun dey run my buzhy mof?
 You go do the same if friends of fame be what e usually cost
 Do this shit for North K, you niggas be someway
 Mo na mode bae nso y3 y3 no hit p3, complaints
 Too bad, I’m Hercules and Sinbad
 The way I son this niggas now them see say I’m the true dad
 “Pae mu ka”, “maka a maka” be my green card
 Spread love chale, we used to that, one, one one

 What’s the word? 89 89, what’s the word?
 We just dey take play chale, we just dey take play
 What’s the word? 89 89 80 89
 Classick what’s the word?

 Chale e just tire me
 Nowadays nothing inspires me
 Take me back to “keteke” and all the timeless kings
 The sound was sicker than all the newer things now in the scene
 It sounds ridiculous what be this sef I bore chale skip, damn it
 Top 5, who sef I go put for there?
 Despite, make I look through your cassettes
 Pusher, lend me your handkerchief my sweat dey break
 Aluta, lend me your Afro-comb my hair dey itch
 89 to 95 all wavy
 98 you’re rather late, all babies
 Pusher lend me your handkerchief
 Aluta lend me your afro comb, my head dey itch
 Happy little children, we just wanna play when
 Zapp Mallet produces, chuck deduces to the lame trend
 Buk Bak, can I please have some Tic-Tac?
 Joey w) ha Joey w) ha tes3 Philomena
 What’s the word? What’s the word?
 The sound is back
 **** make I leave am like that? e need

 89, what’s the word? What’s the word?
 89, Beezy

 Feeling nostalgic, Joey thanks for rewinding back to 89
 But I’m an 81 baby feels I belong to a different generation
 Let me tell you about mine
 As we do this we pass on to the next
 The tradition goes on, that’s key
 No soap should wash away these legends
 Soon they’ll become classics like Oedipus Rex
 Echo to the Ambuley debate still controversial
 But my first and favorite rapper is the guy in the Pioneer Nail commercial
 Before kpa kpa kpa there was kpon kpa, Azigiza Jnr had hits for days
 Now he’s in the church praying without ceasing for his life to be eternal
 My era is now obsolete, no iTunes, no Spotify
 It was GBC 1 and GBC tv now there are options
 You can stream any video on YouTube after you go to search and specify
 Don’t play with me of you’ve never played cassette side A and B like the teams in your PE class
 Don’t talk to make if you’ve never recorded from radio to tape
 Songs of your favorite stars
 Shouts to Bushkey, B.B Menson, Woodman and DJ Black
 Why don’t y’all wait for song to end before you talk back
 Charley Joey, you make I kai things
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