ACTION BRONSON ft. RICK ROSS – 9-24-7000 lyrics

 Shit, sweep you off your feet
 Like Ryu in the corner
 Shit, man, haha
 Smooth, man
 I’m a fucking smooth mover, ugh

 Yo if I didn’t say it’s me you would probably think it’s Sting
 My fish go bling, what, this old thing?
 I never switch up, my brother need a biscuit
 Then I’m gripped up, hanging off my shoulder, fuck the bulshit
 November rain came the same day
 My daughter taught me how to do the Nae Nae to Calle 13
 Only compare me to Kevin Spacey
 Or Rubén Blades, the blunt fat like two tamales
 Do a world tour and scoop some dollars
 Come home and hit the pool hall
 I’m fishbowling new Impalas
 Two Russian twins suck while I drive fast
 It’s me, man

 I’m the one that takes the wolf head, wears it on my own head
 Wisdom from the old heads, you ain’t getting no head
 You ain’t getting no bread, you ain’t getting no shows
 You ain’t getting no dough, you ain’t getting no hoes
 Dawg I hit the best of ’em, motherfuck the rest of ’em
 Well now I’m nestled in the Tesla eating pretzels, haaa?
 I should prolly put a wetsuit on
 I’ll be right back…

 Young Renzel, line two
 Young A.B., I got this you dig?
 Yeah, yo
 [M-M-M-Maybach Music]
 I love my rude bitches, end up as new bitches
 Skipping school bitches, cooking me food bitches
 All my niggas down, we looking like Fu-Schnickens
 Got a few tickets for bitches who truly digged us
 College dormitories, fill ’em with smooth lyrics
 Air Max 95s, grey sweats, true menace
 Known as a Jonas, complex on the phoner
 Simple individual, confident in the Lotus
 Foreign ambitions, they go with my last wishes
 As I open my eyes, surprised by 7 figures
 Baking soda required, decided drug dealing
 Residents is divided amongst the feds and the children
 Let him keep toting drugs if he willing to plead guilty
 The star state witness, they’ll hit you up for that selfie
 Dro can only help me, Backwood and I’m healthy
 I’m the label owner, I’m the only one can shelf me, biggest
 [M-M-M-Maybach Music]
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